Prodcuts choice

THE BRASS: Laiton naturel brossé (REF: A5-01 BNBR)
THE FULL BLACK: Aluminium brossé anodisé noir (REF: A5-01 AKBR)
THE POLISHED BRASS: Laiton naturel poli (REF: A5-01 BNPO)
THE THALES: Aluminium naturel brossé Thalès (REF: A5-01 ANBR TH)
THE GOLD LEAF: Feuilles d’or (REF: A5-01 BNGL 3N)
THE FRAME: Support mural (REF: A5-AC FSK 6425)
THE PIECE OF ART: Monolithe avec THE GOLD LEAF (REF: A5-01 BNGL 3N PA et A5-01 BNGL 3N)