AROUND FIVE originates from the encounter of Antoine Lorotte and Philippe Vallat, engineer and designer with many collaborations on their behalf on various major projects. Respectively founders of FiveCo and Pilotdesign, they have gained the confidence of the greatest international brands over the years. Today, along with their activity, they are launching their brand, bearer of the values of pleasure, quality and innovation:

PLEASURE of a project locally imagined and realized, with passionate professionals. Pleasure of meeting professional work teams with unique and complementary skills.
Legendary QUALITY of Swiss designed and realized products. The apparent obviousness of utmost refined shapes is actually the result of long and thorough work where every detail counts. It is the culture of Swiss design which gets to the essence and produces timeless objects. No planned obsolescence here but objects that are carefully realized and with which a special bond is created over time.
INNOVATION in order to quit the standard logic of frantic mass production and to shift towards the extra-ordinary. Creativity, opposition, poetry, to bring life to innovative and rare objects.